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we'll check in with her in a few minutes and get more on this story. wanted parolee in custody after allegedly ramming a san francisco police car during a chase and engaging in a late nightstand off with the s.w.a.t. team. amy hollyfield is live with more on the day-long search. >> reporter: a long search, now he is here in jail. police say he's 24-year-old man and he has ties to a local gang. this started 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police spotted him but it wasn't until 8:00 until they got him. they recognized him, he's known in the area and he's known for being just released from prison and not showing up for a parole meeting. when he realized police were after him he took off, he ran into a police car in the process that was at montgomery in san francisco after 3:00. he got away. it wasn't until 8:30 last
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night police got a tip he was holed up in a home on appleton. >> tactical team and crisis negotiators responded, when the police department made contact with that suspect he surrendered without further incident. >> reporter: police have not released his name. they did tell us his prior sentence was for a firearms violation. he's 24 with ties to a local gang. the police car an that was hit was damaged but no police officers were hurt. again, he's now booked in jail. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. driving to work this morning you were able to drive the limit, right? >> oh sure, just a little below actually, like i normally do. >> not as wet as yesterday. another storm is coming.
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good morning. i ran into a shower this morning. they are outr;'iñ there, few and far between. live doppler shows most of the activity in the north bay. a few showers moving over into american canyon, through sonoma and napa, these are very light and brief this is all in advance of our next system the winds are going to kick up throughout the afternoon out of of the south because of that we are starting out middle 50 redwood city 57 san jose as well as the coast and downtown we are looking at temperatures today to stay on the mild side this is a system coming from the pacific that will allow for temperatures to stay in the 60s. heaviest rain will be in the north and then by the late afternoon into the evening commute, it -- 63 downtown, 65 in livermore today, heaviest rain through the overnight hours, into your friday morning commute then the biggest system, latter part of
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the weekend with that one we are concerned about flooding perhaps in the north bay. let's look at our morning commute with sue hall. good morning. so far, so good. we are at the golden gate bridge live shot crews picking up lanes and reconfiguring. roadwork on north end of the span because of those crews looks like they are wrapping up now no delays here, smooth sailing over the waldo past spencer and rodeo drive, "sig alert" in the napa area 121 at highway 128, two-lane highway blocking northbound, a driver swerved to avoid a deer and flipped his car. northbound 880 hegenberger off-ramp accident with slowing, speeds 24 miles an hour. great highway san francisco closed lincoln way they have sand on the highway due to high winds. back to our breaking news
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in palo alto where police are searching downtown for a man after a woman woke to a frightening discovery overnight. katie marzullo is at hawthorne and high street. >> reporter: she woke to a stranger in her apartment. you can see officers, crime scene tape around the home the woman is at the police station being interviewed. the good news is she was not hurt. she did not require medical attention. the bad news is, this guy is still on the loose. you can see k-9 officers searching they did an 8 x 8 block search this morning this started around 2:20 this morning they've called off the search until the sun comes up and they can talk to neighbors. they know a man, not known to this woman, an intruder got into this woman's house. she woke up, saw him, in her 20s, she screamed and he fled.
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officers at this time cannot tell me how he got into the house whether he broke in or something was open. they do not have any description of this man and they can't tell me if he was wearing a mask or anything at the time. very active investigation. we'll keep an eye on the situation. katie marzullo, abc7 news. in the north bay, residents are bracing for more rain and potential for problems bring many yesterday morning nearly an inch of rain fell in santa rosa, it rushed into santa rosa creek where a homeless couple and their dog were taking shelter in a culvert they were swept away into the frigid water and were able to make it to the river's bank they are recovering. crews in daly city expected to take advantage of the lull in the weather to inspect a hillside that gave way in a major water main break. the rain over the next several days raising concerns that more of the hillside may give
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way. the november 13th, rupture let loose 49,000 gallons of water and unleashed a huge mudslide crews have been replacing the soil. take a look at this picture from a viewer, you can see a tree fell on top of a truck in newark yesterday. as the storms continue throughout the rest of the week we want to see what you are experiencing so us your photos to ureport kgo - stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage as series of storms moves in. in 10 minutes, what caltrans is doing to prevent problems on one of the bay area's most treacherous roads. president obama welcomes mitt romney to thekkú white houe for a private lunch today. the first time two campaign foes have met since the election it willful fill a promise mr. obama made.
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the white house says there is no specific agenda, except the president would like to discuss romney's ideas for making government more efficient. >> treasury secretary geithner and white house aide neighbors head to capitol hill today for separate talks on the so-called fiscal cliff. they will discuss now to avert tax increases and spending cuts due to begin in january. little progress in talks between the white house and house speaker boehner. if you the past few days wishing you had -- california may be getting into the big game power ball played in 42 other states. lottery officials meet today expected to adopt regulations to join power ball on the heels of the staggering jackpot of 579 million dollars two winning tickets were drawn, sold in arizona and missouri. california retailers could
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begin selling the $2 tickets next year would it bring in 90 to 120 middles to help supplement education spending in -- million dollars to help supplement education in -- spending. let's see if we are winners the weather race today. i think we are if you count raindrops. we are still looking at two bigger storms headed our way, light showers this morning, live doppler showing most activity in the north bay up through cloverdale, ukiah, a few showers offshore also napa and snow may. if you are headed out highway 101 and 121 on the wet side, be careful, give yourself extra time visibility not a problem temperatures are mild, 50 redwood city, 58 mountain view, 53 concord as well as
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fairfield, 57 at our coast. here's the forecast, a few showers mainly north bay chance of showers every else today, the main rain going to hold off towards the latter part of the evening commute into the overnight hours and tomorrow. this is storm number two that is going to bring heavier rain first north but it is sinking south not much of a break for the next system to head our way saturday into sunday high temperatures ranging on the mild side each and everyday winds picking up later on tonight. once again a little break today. good morning. thursday, light out there now. first live check of the bay bridge toll, no problems, metering lights off, no issues, except high winds on the bridges around the bay area again this morning. take it easy when heading out there, nice drive out of antioch now westbound highway 4 less than 15 minutes towards
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concord out of the central valley good as well up and over the altamont towards livermore no delays, "sig alert" in napa 121 at highway 128 overturned vehicle blocking northbound lane the driver swerved to miss a deer. accident apparently hit-and-run north 880 at hegenberger blocking a lane, 38 miles an hour past scene at the coliseum. 4:40. one of the most treacherous stretches of roadways along the bay area coast. what caltrans is doing this morning to prepare for the next round of rain not far away. brazen jewelry store heist. this morning the video police hope will track down the suspects.
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good morning.
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4:43. live look at san francisco the lights on the ferry building in orange and no rain at least not now that is going to move in later today. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking it. she will tell you when we can expect the rain. >> because what is coming caltrans is keeping a close watch on devil's slide along highway 1, a spot that has problems with slides during heavy rain. heather ishimaru shows what crews are doing. >> reporter: the san mateo county coast can be as beautiful as it is treacherous. heavy rains call for monitoring of the devil slide section of highway 1, which is prone to rock slides and worst. in 1995 in 2006, the hillside separated from itself and headed for the water below causing months long closures locals know rain can take away their route between pacifica
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and monster . >> i've seen it through quakes, closed for a year everybody get rerouted up 92, down 280, it wouldn't be the first time. >> reporter: caltrans is thinking about it, clean being out drains, superintendent drives the highway everyday for an inspection, monitors buried in the hillside as the slope moves alarm sounds at the management center in oakland. simone commutes everyday. >> i had no idea. i'm glad they are checking out, i guess. >> reporter: michael has no car, but has often walked the slides while trying to hitch a ride. >> if you go along it, you can look and see where they've put up supports and you know, one side of the highway falls in, usually the other side is golden. >> reporter: it shouldn't be a concern longer new tunnels replacing the unstable highway set to open early next year. heather ishimaru, abc7 news.
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new from overnight, oregon man stranded on mount hood is safe after 10 hours. crews located the 30-year-old midnight. the climb not hurt, just cold. he used his cell phone to call 911 from the mountain yesterday saying a storm moved in and he couldn't find his way down. the climber kept in contact with deputies, he posted his status on facebook. >> he turned out to be lucky. for us another winter storm is coming our way. this -- it is going to be wetter and we are going to leave the strongest system for the last one that comes in late saturday into sunday. right now in between systems live doppler showing shower activity up to the north clear lake, cover , a few showers off the coast around napa, -- sonoma this morning.
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the roads are still slick, highway 1, also up through 121 through american canyon, be careful. we will look for more showers in the north bay first today. 59 oakland, concord 53, 56 livermore, 57 along our coast. moist flow in the pacific allowing for us to prime up the atmosphere for the next system. the next one this afternoon in the north bay, wet and windy for tomorrow into saturday. the breeze kicks up this afternoon, storm sunday creating flood concerns in the -- where we will see perhaps the river crest to near flood stage sunday morning. here's our satellite and radar heavy rain starting along the north coast, plenty of clouds ahead of the next system. we are being at high surf advisory from the peninsula, san francisco down up to the north bay with seas up to 15 and 16 feet this is the second
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system, it does bear watching this one will bring in several inches of rain into the northgvñ bay and the third one on top of it is when the ground gets saturated and we start to have problems. later this afternoon, thursday, that's today, we will be looking at the rain sinking south, evening commute, a few showers, looks like after 11:00 into midnight, the heavier rain, 5:00 tomorrow morning into friday afternoon scattered showers, front is through. we will look for more showers around the front saturday here comes the next system the heaviest one saturday night. if you have plans saturday night into sunday, keep that in mind. three to six inches through saturday, the second system, one to two inches in the south bay, 65 oakland today in anticipation of the next system southerly winds mild 68 in salinas, after this last system we will dry out and see milder, sunnier days ahead.
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san mateo bridge past the toll heading west towards the highrise traffic at the limit, no issues, 13 to 14 minute drive between hayward and foster city both directions typical for this hour, clear there, no fog. san rafael southbound 101 out of novato past lucas valley road and the civic center tail lights southbound towards lincoln and central san rafael at the limit, light this morning. one problem in napa county, "sig alert" highway 121 at 128, two-lane highway northbound lane blocked with overturned vehicle in the clearing stages northbound 880 at hegenberger still in the right lane. 4:49. los gatos police released new video of brazen jewelry store robbery, two men wearing masks and carrying pistols ed into
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the store tuesday, one man can be seen pointing a gun at customers and employees, another begins smashing display cases with a hammer, the two men got away in a grey jetta with north carolina plates. officers found that vehicle a few minutes later the stolen jewelry and robbers were gone. gatorade drinkers may be getting more than they bargained for. next, the surprising ingredient that sparked a movement to get it removed. >> government's plan to set off a nuclear bomb on the moon. the
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good morning. 4:52. live look from our camera atop vollmer peak into the east bay hills, you see the bay bridge traffic moving along maybe there's rain coming our way, not maybe, it is. more about that coming up. this morning the senate
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judiciary committee will consider a bill touted as a major step toward towards your electronic privacy. undercurrent law a warrant is needed only for e-mails that are less than six months old. critics say the bill will do little to keep law enforcement from combing through e-mail. i-team exclusive, state prison officials denied parole for one of the chowchilla kidnappers. fred woods and two other men abducted a busload of children from the central valley town in 1976. they drove them to a quarry in livermore and locked them in a buried van. the 26 children and bus driver managed to dig their way out after 16 hours before the kidnappers could deliver a five million dollar ransom demand. one was released, in february.
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the parole board denied woods' release the board said he didn't take full responsibility for his role in the crime. exclusive new details on the kidnapping tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. new york still cleaning up from superstorm sandy and nation another problem, looting. thieves raided a school in queens and took off with $100,000 worth of equipment. they also took two automated heart defibrillators each worth $16,000. the school is one of third -- one of 30 that has reported looting since sand did. we are -- since sandy. another storm coming. >> what time? >> later. but there are showers now. i ran into one as i headed out this morning and live doppler shows the activity light in
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the north bay from ukiah, cloverdale, clear lake through santa rosa, a few showers around marin, napa, american canyon and south, highway 101 south novato through san rafael. so be careful, temperatures this morning are on the mild side, mostly cloudy, then showers sinking south from the north bay all the way through the central coast going to take much of the afternoon and evening, mainly dry for most of you with numbers in the 60s heavy rain tonight into tomorrow. back to napa for this "sig alert" issued highway 121, 128 with an overturned vehicle still blocking northbound lane two lanes total for that highway. northbound 880 earlier accident cleared out of the right lane. great highway in san francisco closed between lincoln and absolute due to san removal.
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san leandro -- a truck has hit several vehicles police are on the way to that scene. mississippi teen on a mission this morning to get rid of a flame retardant chemical found in a sports drink. 15-year-old sarah cavanaugh started online petition targeting orange gatorade she wants pepsi company to remove an ingredient called bvo experts say it is used in some drinkses to stabilize the flavor but cavanaugh argues the company already makes gatorade without the flame retardant in europe, why not in the u.s.? more than half a million californians facing rate hike in health insurance, 18% in january, some could see rates go up 25%. the hikes will affect those with individual policies, a spokesman for anthem says with
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increases the company expects to lose money on those policies. insurance commissioner jones plans to review the request but says he can stop it, state lou does not allow regulators to reject health insurance rate hikes. new study proposes a link between diabetes and a sweetener researchers found countries with more high fructose corn syrup in their food supply have a 20% higher rate of type 2 diabetes. an average person in germany consumes just one pound a year in the u.s., 55 pounds a year, highest in the world. a lot coming from soft drinks. this is not science fiction this is from newly unclassified documents that shows the united states once planned to set off a nuclear explosion on the moon, during the height of the cold war the plan called for a ballistic missile launched from the
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earth. officials considered using a bomb about the size of the one used on hiroshima. the idea was to intimidate the soviet union. we are following breaking news on the peninsula, police investigation underway now after a woman wakes up in the middle of the night to find a stranger in house. katie marzullo will join us next. two teenaged girls, murdered in a hail of bullets many next, the dad talks about his murdered daughter as oakland resi
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